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How do I help?

By listening to you, making clinical observations of your horse or dog, and applying appropriate targeted therapy that is gentle yet powerful.

Relieving pain and discomfort
Releasing stiff joints
Easing restrictions/scars in the fascia

Identifying skeletal problems
Assessing the soft tissues
Explaining the issues to you

Healing emotions
Freeing unhelpful memories
Assisting vital energy flow

Therapies Used By Robyn

Who is Robyn?

I am dedicated to helping create a better world for our horses, dogs and all the  other animals that share our lives. I do this by educating you about the issues I find, while I relieve your companion or competitive partner of these restrictions. Through understanding we can develop training strategies and happy partnerships. This also drives me to continuing professional development of my own skills, and sharing what I learn by creating equine and canine educational clinics, for both owners and professionals.

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I have done up to my professional level mfr course with Robyn and also a equine taping course with her. We have a racing stables with roughly 15 horses in work at a time. The skills I have learnt with Robyn are life changing for me and my horses, the changes that I see in our horses are amazing and I feel so privileged to have been taught these skills to recognize and treat injuries and issues for our athletes. Recommend Robyn for her skills both treatment and teaching. Many thanks
Dark bay harness racer on track with name Queen Bee Bardon
Renee Williams
Methven, New Zealand
Robyn undertook an online assessment of my horse who has been injured recently. Robyn's skill at looking at my horse's movement is amazing, she was able to pick up things through video that others have missed. Whether online or in person, Robyn is one of the best equine body workers I've used, highly recommend!!
Chestnut paint horse with woman
Susan Rousak
Canberra, Australia

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