In September of 2020 Deb rang me about Dashy. Deb was quite distressed about her 13yo adopted Dachshund who had recently become incontinent, was struggling to walk, had lost her appetite and had an enormous stomach. Deb had sensibly taken Dashy to the vet more than once but wasn’t happy with the diagnosis of obesity and inappropriate diet. 

Deb told me on the phone that I had ‘fixed’ her daughter’s little dog with one session a few years ago, and Deb was hoping I might be able to help Dashy too. I warned her it was likely going to take more than one session, but I was happy to try. I sent Deb my standard online history form to fill out prior to our appointment, and I was concerned by the long list of difficulties Dashy was having with normal dog life activities. 

When I met Dashy on September 9, the first thing I noticed were her beautiful eyes, the second was the size of her stomach area, it truly was enormous! To me it looked and felt bloated, rather than fat, although there was no doubt Dashy was overweight, I did not think the size of her gut was due to fat. Deb encouraged Dashy to walk so I could observe how she moved, Dashy struggled over a couple of metres in an odd crouching walk with her belly touching the ground. Deb explained this had all changed quite quickly and only three weeks previously Dashy had been happily trotting around the block, and easily getting up and down stairs. 

I sat down on the floor with Dashy and immediately felt I should help her with that swollen gut. I used Quantum Healing for this problem, QH is a form of energy and mind healing and can be used on any ailment. Over about 10 minutes Dashy’s gut area subsided, from being as tight as a drum, to being soft and much smaller.  To me this proved the gut wasn’t due to obesity, but some other medical problem. 

I then assessed Dashy gently with my hands, finding her back muscles tight and painful and her stifles, or back knees, quite clunky and clicky. I released the back muscles using Bowen Therapy and applied some red light to both the back and stifles. I was very careful not to overtreat Dashy, I thought she was a very unwell dog, and it would be too tiring for her if I did lots of therapy. 

After I worked with Dashy, I chatted to Deb about possible causes of Dashy’s problems and recommended she seek a second veterinary opinion. I recommended a vet who many of my clients have used and found to be quite ‘down to earth’ and experienced. 

Dashy visited the new Dr the next day and when Deb called me to report back, I could hear the relief in her voice. The vet found the little dog had a urinary tract infection, a gut issue of some type, a luxating patella in one hind limb, and possibly Cushings disease. He had prescribed a plain home-cooked diet, antibiotics, and taken more tests. Deb also reported that Dashy went into a very deep sleep for many hours after my visit and was moving a little better the next day. 

Two weeks later I saw Dashy for the second time, and she greeted me at the door, still waddling a bit, but moving more easily and wagging her tail! Deb reported Dashy was no longer incontinent (likely cause had been the UTI) and was now enjoying a very short walk every afternoon. 

As the first session had obviously helped Dashy, I just did the same things with a bit more red light on Dashy’s back and tummy. We booked in a third visit, but Deb rang me to say Dashy was doing so well she thought we could wait a few weeks. I am looking forward to checking in with Deb and Dashy in the next month.

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