Equine Miracle Clinics

Equine Miracle Fascial Release Clinics

This is where my passion lays, this is such a fabulous therapy that absolutely anyone can learn how to do, and be very effective. You will be able to release tension, scars, postural imbalances, restricted joints and much more! 

I have developed a series of 2 day Fascial Release clinics designed for owners, and also to produce professional therapists: Intro, Remedial, Professional and Adept. Therapists can take one, or all four clinics, there is required learning and case studies between each level. 

Most owners find the Intro level has enough information for them to manage their own horses. 

I am particularly conscious of the need to impart assessment techniques, as well as therapy. In each course different areas of the horse are assessed, and to a deeper level. 

Others have generously shared their knowledge with me, and I am keen to continue in the same way, giving you as much information as you need. 

Over the four levels topics covered include: the science of fascia, fascial lines (equine anatomy trains), the science behind fascial release, how it feels on yourself, how to apply fascial release techniques (both slow and fast), musculoskeletal assessment, biomechanical evaluation, skeletal assessment, rehabilitation advice, common issues found, contraindications, dealing with acute injuries, assisting the stabled horse, breathing, case studies, introduction to craniosacral therapy, and more. 

The Intro Level clinic includes compulsory pre-course learning, a couple of videos to watch and an essay to read. This allows us more time with the horses during the clinic.

Clinics are held on demand, if you would like to organise a clinic in your area, you can attend for free! I will support you with documents designed to guide you through the process, help with advertising and phone advice.

Equine Miracle Fascial Release Clinic Cost

Includes manual, marked externship and access to facebook group

Australia: $500 AUD

New Zealand: $550 NZD

Other countries by arrangement

Vetkin Taping for Practising Therapists

I have used  Vetkin fascial/kinesiology taping in my practise for many years and I am keen to share all the tips for application and achieving amazing results.

Backed by the German company, Thysol, who manufacture Vetkin Tape, this 2 day course is delivered at a high level. We believe taping should only be used by practising therapists with anatomical and biomechanical knowledge, as the tape can cause problems if it is applied incorrectly. 

If you are looking for a tool that keeps working after you leave the horse, a tool that can actively help develop muscles, reduce fatigue, provide pain relief, encourage better posture, develop proprioception, and more. Then this course is for you. 

Topics include: history and research behind kinesiology taping, which way to apply tape, experience tape yourself when it is applied correctly, and applied incorrectly; different ways to cut and apply tape, how to ensure the tape sticks, advice to the owner re taping, case studies, lots of practice with horses including pre and post taping assessment.

Clinics are held on demand, if you would like to organise a clinic in your area, you can attend for free! I will support you with documents designed to guide you through the process, help with advertising and phone advice.

Vetkin Taping for Practising Therapists Clinic Cost

Includes manual, tape for clinic

Australia: $550 AUD

New Zealand: $600 NZD

Sure Foot Equine Stability System ® Practitioner Clinics

Sure foot pads have become an integral part of my therapy sessions, they have saved me a lot of hands-on work, helped quickly integrate changes made during therapy, deepened relaxation, improved proprioception and stride length, and more! Sure Foot can be a powerful and significant session on it’s own. 

Wendy Murdoch is developing a series of 2 day clinics to allow therapists and other professionals to become proficient with the pads, to be able demonstrate the pads and teach riding using the pads. 

I am approved to teach these clinics in Australia. Clinics cover the history of Sure Foot, the science of the hoof, equine neurology and anatomy as we think it applies to the use of Sure Foot, applicable research, case studies, safety using Sure Foot, contraindications, introduction of the pads to the horse and owner, changes seen during use, using Sure Foot with ridden and in-hand horses, how to integrate the pads into your other work.

Delivered using powerpoint, a manual, videos, personal experience of standing on the pads, observation and practice with the horses. Marked externship and access to the Sure Foot Practioners FB group.

You can speak to me or contact Jo at Sure Foot Australia for further information

Clinics are held on demand, if you would like to organise a clinic in your area, you can attend for free! I will support you with documents designed to guide you through the process, help with advertising and phone advice

Sure Foot Equine Stability System ® Practitioner Clinic Cost

Australia: $450 AUD

New Zealand: $500 NZD

Owner and Professional Clinics

As I learned more, and listened to my clients, I realised there was a need for education focussing on specific topics. I believe this education is best delivered in small chunks, and in friendly fashion. These clinics are:

Stretch to Strength 1 day

Looking for a program to keep your horse sound for longer, using simple in-hand techniques?

An introduction to strengthening and stretching your horse. Simple techniques and why they are so effective. How to work with your horse and your surroundings, poles and Sure Foot Pads, to manage and train your horse to stay sound for longer, and perform better. Delivered using power point, a manual and lots of hands on with your own horse, non-ridden. You will go home with a program tailored to your horse.

HELP for Your Horse 1 day

What to do in an emergency, simple techniques to use while waiting for the vet. Basic saddle, bridle and bit fitting. Learn a powerful hands-on assessment tool and how to use your hands in a simple release technique. What to look for when buying a horse, and what to avoid. Delivered via discussion, a manual, and lots of hands-on with horses.

Introduction to Biomechanics 1 day

Improve your ability to train your horse with an understanding of what is going on underneath you, or in front of your eyes. 

How does your horse move? How do you assess and evaluate that movement? How movements performed during competition and leisure affect our horses. Find out how conformation affects the performance of your horse. Selecting a horse for specific sports. Simple things you can do to improve your horse’s biomechanics. Common issues that impact on your horse’s biomechanics. Delivered using power point, videos, looking at live horses, and a manual.

Clinics are held on demand, if you would like to organise a clinic in your area, you can attend for free! I will support you with documents designed to guide you through the process, help with advertising and phone advice. 

Owner and Professional Clinic Cost

Each Clinic

Australia: $200 AUD

New Zealand: $220 NZD

Online Owners Horse Bodywork Course

A chance for owners, and professionals, to improve their understanding of how their horse works, identify when there is a problem, and simple techniques they can use to assist their horse. 

The first module immediately starts clueing you in to what is going on, and showing you how to help your horse to be more comfortable. We then move on to simple assessment techniques, the more you understand, the better you can target your management, training and therapy. The third covers basic anatomy: science of muscles and bones, superficial muscles, the skeleton, bony landmarks and fascial lines.

There are 9 modules, the first 3 modules are compulsory, and the rest are on-demand. 

  • Jumping in to Helping Your Horse
  • Assessing your Horse for a Better Outcome
  • Anatomy, Unravelling the Greatest Mystery
  • Fascial Release, Freedom from Tension
  • Mobilising Joints, Flexibility Improves Your Forward
  • Massage, Softening The Outline
  • Quantum Healing, using Your Inner Power
  • Be Smarter, Get Stronger, the Correct way to use Carrots
  • Stories from Your Mentor, Shortcuts to Avoiding My Mistakes


Modules are packed with hours of info, delivered via videos, power points, theory notes, paddock notes, homework suggestions and links to other platforms. There is an online catchup meeting once every 2 weeks and a forum to chat, share and ask questions. You control how fast you move through the course, which will be available to you for 12 months.

This course is currently moving from FB and being uploaded to an online learning platform! I expect the next intake to begin by December 2020.

Online Owners Horse Bodywork Course Cost

Estimated Cost

$150 AUD total for first 3 compulsory modules

$75 AUD for each extra module

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