I received a call from my long-term client Wendy, Wendy was at the vet with her 7-month-old Saluki puppy, Saffron.  Saffron had an horrific looking injury and Wendy wanted to warn me she was sending some graphic photos through, so I could give her some advice.

Click here to see image of Saffron’s injury. Warning: Graphic

Wendy had come home from work that day, to find Saffron with extensive tearing of skin and muscle down the left side of her neck, and shoulder blade. The vet did a fantastic job stitching up the wound, providing drainage, antibiotics, and after care. 

My advice was for Wendy to put her red light therapy wrap into a clean plastic bag and use it over the wound as much as she could in the first few days. Red light is proven to stimulate healing, circulation and provide some pain relief. From the beginning I was concerned about minimizing scar tissue, Saluki’s are ‘Sight Hounds’ which means they like to run….and run! We wanted Saffron to be able to enjoy her life, doing what she was destined to do.

I saw Saffron about a week after the injury, I used Bowen Therapy, a gentle cross-fibre vibrational technique, to stimulate lymph drainage and healing. I applied Vetkin Tape in a fascial weaving style, to the areas around the wound, to help prevent scar tissue from spreading too far. We needed scar tissue to hold the wound together, but we didn’t need it to spread out and restrict movement. I also gave Wendy some tiny exercises to do with Saffron, to encourage healing in a functional manner, and to keep the muscles strong in support of the injury. At that session I suspected Saffron had a small fracture of the scapular blade, the vet also suspected this, and it was later confirmed by xray, so keeping the muscles strong was even more important. 

I continued to see Saffron every two weeks, and as the healing progressed, I showed Wendy how to do some scar release techniques and a progressive strengthening exercise regime. 

Three months later Saffron returned to the show ring taking home ‘Runner Up in Group’ a big achievement for any 10-month-old pup, but even more so with Saffron’s recent injury. 

As a two-year-old Saffron started ‘Lure Coursing’, a fast sport involving chasing a plastic bag across a paddock, around bends and along straights, at full speed. We had no concerns about Saffron doing this, she had nothing more than a barely noticeable scar to show for her younger impetuousness. Saffron achieved her Junior Courser Title and is now competing in Open Coursing.

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